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captivated the nation and now it's on the big screen. the pat tillman documentary debuts in his hometown. >> just about every office has one. they are not inviting. the study of the office fridge that may make you think twice about using it. >> in the market for a used car? why you may be shocked at prices right now. >>> and the big change for the holidays in san francisco that could prove expensive for drivers. >>> i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we are kicking off sonoma one country weekend. >>> it's been the standard in most cities across the country for decades. on holidays, drivers don't have to feed the meter. that has changed in san francisco. nbc bay area traci grant is live there with a warning for labor day drivers. >> reporter: well, cheryl, you should pay attention to this because i know you're no stranger to parking tickets. nothing feels as good as nabbing that great parking space on a street in san francisco and adding it's a holiday and you know you won't have to deal with pay stations or parking meters because you're parking for free. well, you were. that's not the case
area man at the center of the controversy opened up tonight. friends of pat tillman watched the film. rhea teramina has more. >> reporter: we are here at prune yard cinemas where the tillman story is playing ten times a day. a movie let out where a group of the movie goers were special. the high school football team where pat tillman went to high school. leyland football players and the director was here as well. they did a big q and a. pat tillman grew up in san jose before joining the arizona cardinals and u.s. army special forces. >> i wasn't planning on coming to the screening. when i heard all of leyland high's football team was going to be here i was moved to tears. >> reporter: emotions and tears choke up the director as he talked about his pat tillman movie. the record needs to be set straight. >> this story is far different than the story most americans have been told. we wanted to get the truth out about pat, not only about how he died but who he was. >> reporter: prune yard cinemas is showing the movie about pat tillman. tillman quit the lucrative career as a football play
to the killing rampage in the east bay. >>> the legacy of pat tillman. what had the director moved to tears at his own screening. >>> and a bell whose toll brought a community together is back again after nearly being sold for scrap metal. an unusual homecoming. next. the news starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. crews spent a second day searching a land fill in the east bay looking for any signs of a missing man. police believe 35-year-old frederick solace could be the fifth victim in a killing rampage that ended when officered shot and killed the suspect. monty? >> reporter: frederick solace lived here with his father. today's crew spent a day searching a land fill in pittsburgh for any sign of the 35-year-old but came up empty hands. hercules police combed through an acre of the keller canyon land fill, carefully and slowly sifting through thousands of tons of garbage. >> we have a dog that is here from contra costa county search and rescue going through the debris. >> reporter: 35-year-old frederick solace hasn't been seen since his father was bludgeoned to death. one of the
acclaimed documentary about pat tillman, the football star turned soldier debuted today. the tillman story investigates the events leading up to and following tillman's death in afghanistan six years ago. the army first said he was gunned down by taliban forces but weeks later, army officers admitted he was killed by friendly fire. many see a parallel to cover-ups from the vietnam era. >> i served in the vietnam war. i taught in the same district that pat tillman went to high school. like so many, i'm very disturbed by the government's cover-up of the story. >> you can see the tillman story at theaters in san francisco, berkeley and campbell. >>> the city of santa cruz is getting proactive when it come to keeping its city safe. city officials are hiring private security because there is not enough police officers to patrol the streets. nbc bay area is live there right now. are they on the job tonight or will they start tomorrow? >> reporter: not yes. it will be a really busy weekend as you can imagine in downtown santa cruz. when you are out and about, you'll see something you probably hav
star and soldier pat tillman opens today. sphwhrarchltsdz taking a look at the stock market, now. up .99%. >>> a new documentary about a san jose-born national hero ohms today here in the bay area. e tillman story examines the life and death of the late pat tillman. the former nfl star turned army ranger was killed six years ago while serving in afghanistan. his death was surrounded by controversy after the government said he was fatally shot by enemy combatants. it was later determined he was killed by friendly fire. the film is being shown in san francisco, alameda and santa clara counties. >>> tennis turned into a contact sport. at least in the stands at the u.s. open last night. according to police and press reports, a woman gottired of hearing a younger man cursing, she called him out. he said, go ahead, hit me. she slapped him. and he continued cursing. that's when the woman's father grabbed the man and they stumbled. nobody was charmed the but they were not allowed back. >>> a new york city man sued a number of nightclubs. he claimed that the promotions where they let women in
. >>> the documentary on the alleged army coverup of pat tillman is playing in the bay area. a special group of people just got out of the theater. rhea taramina is live with that. >> reporter: diane, we are here at prune yard cinemas where a group of the moviegoers were leyland high school football players where tillman played football before joining the nfl as well as the u.s. army. the documentary style movie about pat tillman who grew up in san jose, went to high school here explored how his family was told different stories about his demise. he left a lucrative career in football to fight for his country. he was a member of the u.s. army special forces and died in afghanistan. ultimately his family says a cover up by the government it was revealed that pat was killed by friendly fire. these students are eager to know more about the man they already look up to. >> definitely showing that his country and his family comes first. he loved the game of football and we do. he took the extra step, went towards his country and i think that that's the right thing to do. >> i think his legacy is to be like
-- the pat tillman story is billed as the story that the military doesn't want you to hear. and now you can be the judge. an explosive documentary that tackles the events leading up to pat tillman's death opens in his hometown of san jose. hmm, do i wear hats? i could wear hats, if i partook in hat type things (birds chirping) like strolling in an orchard ♪ is this my husband? awesome cool hat, mom oh my perfect kids alright fourteen ninety nine i totally wear hats ♪ >>> the tillman story is one that hits close to home in the bay area and this weekend bay area moviegoer will be able to experience that story through the eyes of the people who lived it. >> pat tillman, why are you shooting at me. >> the critically acclaimed documentary accuses the military of a high level cover-up following tillman's death in afghanistan. the army said he was gunned down by taliban but weeks later the army admitted that he was in fact killed by friendly fire. tillman played football at san jose before giving up millions of dollars in the nfl to serve his country. today the feeland football team will join
the government cover-up in the pat tillman story hits the big screen this weekend. we'll tell you where you can catch it. >> it's 6:25. the band playing this morning is the south bay's the holdup. they're playing live for us all morning long. ♪ ♪ mi ♪ [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's by harvard business review, she grew ebay 15,000 strong and made small business dreams come true. now meg has a plan to create jobs. fix sacramento. and deliver results. meg whitman. for a new california. >>> following breaking news. an update on a chopper that went down on highway 101 near salinas this morning. >>> the search for a missing hercules man tied to a bay area killing spree ends up at a landfill this morning. i'm christie smith. we'll tell you what investigators are looking for coming up in a live report. >>> as we follow that helicopter crash on highway 101, more area force your labor day
a roll corner so because of that, charles tillman is able to come off of his outside receiver and be there to put the hit, then on miles austin. as you said, d.j. moore in a perfect position then to make the interception. >> joe: somehow able to corral it before it hit the turf. the second-year player our vanderbilt comes away with an early turnover. now the bears take over at the dallas 23. they started in a wildcat formation and now shift cutler back under center. and hand it to forte. forte on first down gets six. there are a lot of bear fans in attendance here today, and they are making noise here early and that is not good news for the starting left tackle chris williams, as he exits the field. >> troy: that is not good at all. that was an offensive line last year that was going to stay aflux through last season and they have gone through some adjustments this off-season, but a nice job there defensively with the take-away. particularly the interception. that's an owner of -- area of this defense for chicago where they have not been very good of keeping their hands on bal
at this bay area lake. >> and help making your . >>> the tillman story open for bay area movie goers this evening. the documentary is about pit tillman who grew up in san jose and played in the nfl before joining the army where he was killed by friendly-fire in afghanistan in 2004. the film has already premiered in new york and la. the tillman story is being shown in berkeley, the century in san francisco and camera 7 in san jose. that opening coincides with the final holiday weekend of the summer. millions of californians are expected to hit the road to get away. but the highway patrol plans to be out there as well. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live in pleasantton tonight with our report. lloyd? >> reporter: frank, if you were trying to get out of town earlier tonight you don't need me to tell you that it was crowded and slow and go. well, it is still somewhat low for some motorists as they have to go holiday weekend tradition tonight, the dui checkpoint. >> anything to drink tonight? >> no. i came straight from work. >> reporter: pleasantton police started stopping cars at 7:00 this ev
it young talent as possible in the last month of the season. chris tillman will start against tampa bay. nationals outfielder nyjer war and was suspended for eight games for this incident, charging the mound -- nyjer morgan. the florida picture also faces a six-game suspension. that is a big leak take down. the forecast is straight ahead. >> earl has come and gone and is now turning to the north. we will show you what it did at ocean city. a preview of the sold-out justin bieber concert slated for sunday night at the maryland state >> earl is moving off the coast. we are also getting reports tonight on the other side of the world a major earthquake down in new zealand at christ church. we'll probably hear more about that as we go over the next 24 hours or so. around here, a much quieter weekend shaping up as earl pulls away. upper 70's for high saturday and sunday. low 50's early in the morning on sunday and morning. that will not be a permanent fall pattern. we will be back close to nine the next week. >> thanks for joining us. we will see back here at 11:00. as a career prosecutor i m
where you're going as well that would help. >>> the pat tillman story hits a special nerve in the bay area and tomorrow bay area moviegoers will be able to experience that story through the eyes of tillman's family. a new documentary called "the tillman story" is critical of the military and accuses high-level leaders of a cover-up. pat tillman played football at leland high school before playing in the nfl and gave up millions of dollars in a contract to serve his country. in 2004 he was killed by friendly fire in afghanistan. the documentary opened in new york and los angeles to mostly positive reviews. >> scott mcgrew said an experiment at the big apple announcement worked well. >> apple broadcast high definition video of the event to anybody who wanted to see it. routing around the bloggers who do it. you had to use an apple product to see it. here's the presentation showed live at the time on an apple ipad. you can hear it, too. it worked just fine. no hiccups. steve jobs, by the way, looking relatively well. one more reason for investors to feel good about apple. not every video
at a critical documentary, pat tillman a battle of a mother trying to get to the truth of the death of for sun. >> henry? >> cooking. >> and i am about friulle >> it is a region and italy. and this is elizabeth crawford. she has created a book called free verse of friule and several influences, countrywide. a great way to create beautiful. >> frico car come pland we of e, and keep sleet. >> thank you, henry. >> looks like a taco shell lost and i am getting hungry. this is pretty, a live look of sight it the mount tam very nice. >> a big difference about one hour ago. let us check-in with jacqueline bennett. >> a little cooler up there yesterday and that cooling trend seeing fog along the bay shores going to continue in this this morning, and by noon, it is going to stick along. not expect determine the sun breaks and temperatures are not going to warm up as much. and 3:00 p.m., still cool 60s along the coast which would be similar to yesterday and inland only in the upper 80s. a few spots will have 90 degrees but much more comfortable. we will see more seabury's winds and air drop the seabury'
tillman debuts in the bay area today. "the tillman story" is coming off a limited release in new york and los angeles. it follows the tillman family's quest about the truth of what happened in his death in afghanistan. they eventually force the pentagon to reveal that he did die from friendly fire. the movie is showing in just three bay area theaters. you can see it at the shaddock, the century f.s. center in san francisco and camera seven in san jose. >> time to look at the forecast right now. we will start with the commute first and sunol. >> the flow of traffic very nice right now. southbound side starting to pick up in volt yum that slowing starting around 6:30. we will start to see speeds dip a bit out of pleasanton. the northbound side is a big concern starting around midday today as folks will use this getting over towards 580 and heading out to tahoe. big back-ups yesterday. took a long time to get through here yesterday. the south bay, travel from sunol into san jose, smooth drive around the bend here. notice 101 slows approaching the 680 interchange. a little early for that
by the admission free boardwalk. open daily. . >>> the tillman story open for bay area movie goers this evening. the documentary is about pit tillman who grew up in san jose and played in the nfl before joining the army where he was killed by friendly-fire in afghanistan in 2004. the film has already premiered in new york and la. the tillman story is being shown in berkeley, the century in san francisco and camera 7 in san jose. that opening coincides with the final holiday weekend of the summer. millions of californians are expected to hit the road to get away. but the highway patrol plans to be out there as well. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live in pleasantton tonight with our report. lloyd? >> reporter: frank, if you were trying to get out of town earlier tonight you don't need me to tell you that it was crowded and slow and go. well, it is still somewhat low for some motorists as they have to go through a holiday weekend tradition tonight, the dui checkpoint. >> anything to drink night? >> no. i came straight from work. >> reporter: pleasantton police started stopping cars at 7:00 this evening
of the season. there goes number 51. batista gets the scoring started. tillman figures he can't let lightning strike twice. he can't let the top homer in the league do that, but he does. over the wall and left that runs his season total to 52 and powers the blue jays to the win. the o's have lost the 12 straight games in that ballpark. >>> the nascar boys have drove in. turned a lap faster than 155- miles-per-hour. he has five victories on the famed monster mile. points leader hamlin, support the race at dover is on sunday. plenty of college football tomorrow. sit pack and enjoy. >> baseball, football, nascar. >>> if diamonds are a girl's best friend what is an 800- pound emerald. pound emerald. >> a a,,(music playing) announcer: has the overpowering smell of scented garbage bags taken over your kitchen? (woman blows at scented tree) hefty bags with unscented odor block technology help neutralize odors with no added scent. hefty! hefty! hefty! old gibbs canning company. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training n
to richmond. and even on the eastern shore, here's deal island. this could get up to tillman, vienna and easton may get a shower out of this. north an west of this -- i don't think this will get much more -- it might get up to mechanicsville or parts of eastern and southern charles county but for the most part i think the problem is a coastal problem. let's go to the weather computer and talk about the track of earl. earl by the way, a category two. winds yesterday were 145. now they are only 10 a. gusting to 125. the pressure has gone up and the organization has gone down and that's a good thing. we will watch earl as it moves up the coast. by noon passing ocean city, a little further away so the winds won be as strong as ocean city as cape hatteras. tonight, look at this. weakening, winds 90 miles an hour at 8:00 but it will go close to martha's vineyard and cape cod. they have to deal with gusts of hurricane force as well and we watch the storm as it heads to southwestern nova scotia there. there could be flooding in the bay of bundy. the water will be pushed northward in to the b
or three chances for chris tillman to lead the kind of lasting impression he needs to leave on buck showalter. he struggled in september after getting the call back up in toronto. says a going for the chase. he cannot escape the rookie brandon snyder. the first career double for snyder, and it is timely. it ties the game at 1. a two-run shot, his second homer of the game. they are 52 on the season. beforetime reigning cup champion jimmy johnson in the middle of the point pack. a good look at that beautiful 48. johnson turned the fastest lap and takes the poll by 1/100 of a second. we had a computer issue a moment ago and missed the lottery numbers. we will take a look at tonight's correct lottery numbers. good luck. old gibbs canning company. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. old gibbs canning company. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski.
. waves only a foot. the water tillman just under 80 degrees. what we have in play is the high pressure that was over us today will be moving off shore, and that sets up more of a southeasterly flow. you can see that ahead of cold front getting through here by wednesday night. it is going to bring nice temperatures but come through dry. we have a nice dry forecast, but we will see an increase in the heat for the fast first half of this week. as far as the tropics, gaston not showing much organization. right now, nothing going on. there may be another tropical depression in the gulf of mexico. other than that, things are quiet here. 83 tomorrow, plenty of sun. sunny and 88 tuesday. wednesday, near 90. then that front gets through here, and thursday and friday we are around about 80 before we split the difference and see a slight chance of showers sunday. >> thank you. a hall of fame defensive tackle is being criticized for his remarks brp thursday night's football game. dan hampton is an analyst on pro football weekly. he turned quite a few heads when he referenced hurricane katrina. >>
at 1. cecil pitches to adam jones. cecil struck out four. bottom of the sixth now. chris tillman facing jose batista with one on, and this one is one gone. the sond homer of the night. the bluejays beat the orioles 6-4, the o's still winless and the bluejays 14th win of the season. >>> this is the first time washington has been favored in a game this season, though not by a lot. the rams just 3.5-point underdogs despite not having won a home game since 2008. so it does set up nicelyor the rams to polish their lackluster game. the skinz still don't know if trent william will be available to help out. the rookie left tackle practiced today and is looking better, but it's a game time decision. williams still recovering from a bruised knee and a strained toe. he is officially listed as questionable. if he doesn't go, stefan hire likely to get the start. good highlights coming up re. a high school football game of the week in virginia. broad run looking to extend their winning streak to 33 games. the spartans, visiting rival parkview, which vus happejust h be the last team that beat them. al
for some doppler- indicated tornado warnings. no warnings on that at the moment. however, over to tillman island, i know lou anne is out there. she called me in. looks like you could be getting winds 30 to 40 miles an hour. this is lifting to the north. queenstown, the bay bridge. trying to cross that. it is really tough driving. this band is putting down some rainfall rates two to three inches an hour and we have seen that. these are the one-hour totals that are showing now here across the bay. you can see some of these totals. two inches, an inch and three quarters. so you have torrential rains right here on the bay, moving to the eastern shore. go back to doppler and move south. i want to talk about what is happening in southern maryland, as well, because there's been moderate to heavy rainfall. st. mary's and calvert county and you can see it leonardtown to st. mary's city. east of new land we have some of that and it is lifting to the north. back to the weather computer and show you what is happening here as the storm is really down, coming out of south carolina in to north carolina
it checked with the specialists. >> good luck for all of you out there. the military says pat tillman died a hero but a new movie screams cover-up. a retired general reacts to new reports on tillman's death. two women grieved for the same trapped miner. the wife and mistress who met each other at the rescue scene and discovered they're with the same guy. interesting grooming. thanks. i got the idearom general mills big g cereals. they put a white check on the top of every box to let people know that their cereals have healthy whole grain, and they're the right choice... (announcer) general mills make getting whole grain an easy choice. just look for the white check. an easy choice. so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number? >> the documentary, "the tillman story" comes out friday and it's not without controversy. the story about the 2004 death of the former linebacker and army ranger claims the military covered up the fa
about a new documentary on pat tillman killed in afghanistan. first the army said he was shot by insurgents but it turns out he was killed by friendly fire. mike has details. good morning to you. >> he lived a very private life, never giving a single interview by why he left football's rich for war fare's trenches, it's been others to get his story told fully and accurately. >> reporter: when he walked away from his multimillion nfl contract to join the elite army rangers then 25-year-old pat tillman became the most famous enlisted man. when she was shot dead in 2004 in afghanistan by taliban insurgents the army said, he became a story of methology proportions. he refused to talk about, received a hero's military funeral, the silver star, and praise from a commander in chief who was waging a war that needed heroes. >> corporate tillman asked for no special attention, he was modest because he knew there were many like him making their own sacrifices. >> reporter: within weeks it was learned he is been killed not by inurge sents but by friendly fire in a tragic burst of confusio
.s. government initially blamed his death on enemy fire but the tillman family later discovered that the entire story was all part of a military cover-up. >> all the generals were lying. >> can't be sure. >> can't tell you. >> it's a guess. >> i don't know. >> i don't recall. >> precisely how i learned that he was killed. >> find out that the military were the very people that lied to us. it's outrageous! >> filmmaker explores this controversy in the new documentary "the tillman story" and joins us here right now. first of all, what inspired you to do a movie about pat tillman, an american football hero turned soldier? >> i think any filmmaker would have jumped at this opportunity. it doesn't come off as a documentary. you couldn't write this stuff. it's got more twists and turns than an nfl playbook and has an inspiring story, taking on the u.s. government. this -- this very inspiring family. and, of course, pat tillman is a great american hero who, you know, i think any filmmaker who jump at the opportunity to tell his story. >> did you contact the family or did the family contact you to
and the pilot of air force one, colonel tillman to identify our options. the president wanted to go back to washington. and -- >> neil: at that timeth we already knew there were other planes up there, or feared there were. and the white house coulde a for a get -- a target, right? >> we thought air force one might be a target so we were anxious to get the president up in safe place of the skyd anehed for a place to go. we went to air force base in louisiana. >> i remember that. landed there, the president recorded remarks to the american people and met via phone with the advisors in washington. th with the smaller contingent of people on air force one we took off to omaha, braska, to strat com center and went to a bunker deep underground and the president had video conference with his national security team. and the whole time he waso anxious to get back to washington, d.c. we made it back. he spoke to the american people from the oval office. a day that changed all of us. time for to us remember that day. >> neil: absolutely. >> time for us to reflect on that day and respect those -- >
weeks. >>> a new movie about a bay area native, pat tillman opens at the theaters today. the former nfl star turned army ranger who was killed six years ago while serving in afghanistan. his death was surrounded by controversy after the government first said he was shot and killed by enemy soldiers. but it was later determined this he was killed by friendly fire. the film is being shown in san san francisco and alameda county. >>> i haven't taken a position on it yet. >>> she hasn't then but has now. up next how she is now taking ao stand. >>> and the final moments of that plane that crashed into a lagoon. the information that witnesses are giving investigators tonight that could indicate what caused that plane to go down. >>> republican senate candidate fiorina came out in favor of proposition 23. that is a measure that would delay implementation of the global warming law. this comes after fiorina refused to take a position on prop 23 two days ago. >> do you support prop 23 which would suspend ab32. >> my focus is on a national energy policy. >> yes or no. >> because that is why -- >>
republican colleagues and the pat tillman scholarship that would give opportunities for veterans on this website. this grew from a meeting that my staff had with the family with the former nfl star pat tillman. his death in after, his family and friends founded the pat tillman foundation. they informed my staff they were having problems educating and reaching potential veterans for college scholarships they were awarding. this provision will assist groups like the pat tillman foundation informing veterans and placing them on their website. we had the reauthorization of the homeless veteran reintegration program. this is run by the department of labor employment and training service and provides grants to homeless veteran providers for job skill training and counseling. this program has been lauded as one of the most successful programs in the federal government in combating homelessness. i'm pleased that we were able to include an expansion of this program to local homeless providers that offered job skill training for homeless women veterans and homeless veterans with children.
. those days are gone. >> of the two homers this season, 60 of them have become. chris tillman gets the start against the blue jays tonight. he has not served up a home run for batista this season. the jays go with lefty starter bret cecil. a maryland native who was unbeaten in baltimore. game time, 7:00 tonight on masn 2. >>> basketball, trade rumors continue to swirl around carmelo anthony. denver nuggets are working on a deal to send anthony to the new jersey nets. anthony is denver's best player. the teams weren't going to move them because they haven't been able to get him to sign a long- term contract. >>> coming up next hour, race fans head to delaware to see the nascar boys run the monster mile. qualifying runs. i'll have the latest from the track on eyewitness news at 6:00. >>> and join me on the radio, monday morning at 9:00. 107, the fan. wjz f.m. i think we'll be talking football. win or lose. >> let's hope there are no attacks. >> let's just hope he does well. >>> still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. >>> school ends with a trip to the hospital for some elemen
come against the orioles. we broke into the big leagues in baltimore in 2004. >>> chris tillman gets the start. he has not served up a home run. the o's have lost the last 11 games. jays are going with lefty starter. he's a maryland native. and he's unbeaten against baltimore. we'll get this started. you can see it on masn 2. >>> in basketball, trade rumors continue to swirl around baltimore's carmelo anthony. espn working on a deal that they are sending to the new jersey nets in a trade that would involve four teams. anthony is denver's best player. the team is working to move him because they haven't been able to get anthony to sign a long- term contract. >> nascar boys have rolled into our area. we head to dover speedway in delaware. jimmie johnson. he quashed a top qualifying run this afternoon. the four-time cup champion turned a lap on 150 miles an hour. he has five career victories on the track. johnson is sixth. points leader denny hamlin qualifies fourth today. the race alt dover -- at dover is sunday afternoon. that and a little football. a little baseball. good time to be
and they didn't exist and we had pat tillman who was a hero and then killed by his own men. when they can't make those call hue legs i think they should be happy to fighting to keep you off the list. because all have to do is have email characters suspect. enemies list was bad. what is this? where do you shoot these people? if he shows up in london, does the american get to shoot him in the street? and the people are information. being prosecuted like northerly mall people. this guy is on a death list. >> laura: you are of the view then just so i understand where you are coming from then. you are of "the view" someone like khalid sheikh mohammed who killed thousand americans, mastermind of the attacks of 9/11, if, in fact, we had found him somewhere else that we would have to bring him to the united states and afford him due process under the law and the same with osama bin laden. don't take him out, bring him here? or is he special case. >> osama bin laden wasn't american stib for one thing. why are we talking about al awlaki who is the person, who is the subject of this list? how do they put p
tillman debuts here in the bay area this weekend t. story investigates the events leading up to and following his death in afghanistan six years ago. the army first said that tillman was gunned down by taliban forces but officers admitted he was killed by friendly fire. the movie is in three theaters in berkeley, the century in san francisco, and camera 7 in san jose. coming up at 7:00, the search continues for the body of a missing hercules man allegedly linked to a killing spree in the east bay. more local news in 30 minutes. right now here is back to the "today" show. l >>> we're back on this saturday morning. it is labor day weekend. the unofficial end of summer. thanks to everyone out on the plaza. back inside studio 1a -- >> final weekend of summer. >> isn't it feel like we were just saying it eat unofficial start of sum sner. >> i do. >> coming up, the healing power of a mother's touch. >> it's a remarkable story actually of a premature baby born to it an australian couple, little jamie had apparently gone into cardiac arrest and was brought back to life after his moth
where the orioles final road trip of the season gets off to bad start. tillman had a rough game giving up several hits to the blue jays and batista. he hit two home runs including this one which brought in the go ahead run. batista leads the majors with 52 home runs on the season. the orioles lose in toronto 6- 4. >>> i thought that car was cute. i don't know if that was the word they were looking for, but it is. >> it must have been economical, why they built them so small. >> in europe things are smaller. >> that's probably a 30-year- old european car. it is cute, i agree. >> get out there if orgeat chance. if you're looking for something to do, we had ron on earlier this week, and they are really cool looking cars. you want to check some of those out. this is what we have going on outside this morning. a warm start to the day once again. take a look, just over the city. the sun is starting to come up. a beautiful morning. if you get a chance, take your coffee up to the deck and enjoy it one more time. the cooler air is on the way. all right. here's our overall pattern right now. we
in tillman and st. michael. it comes back to st. mary's county. you are seeing the torrential rain tropical downpours. that extends to the northern neck as well. this is all lifting off to the north. some of the cells are moving 40 miles an hour or more. if anything spins up, it will happen quickly. let's go back to the weather computer. we will talk about the weather. all of the counties in light green are flash flood warnings. be careful. stay home if you can. it is that simple. everybody else, flash flood watch until 9:00 p.m. tonight. right now, we do not have any warnings. however, the rain totals that we are looking at through the storm, the orange colors are 4" plus. the yellow color is indicating 7-8" totals. a terrible rain event going on right now. 7:34. let's find out about the terrible traffic of the. >>> thank you. if you -- terrible traffic. >>> thank you. if you are not used to the rainy conditions, you need to give yourself extra time and space. across the american legion bridge is taking you 45 minutes because we have the jackknifed tractor-trailer at old georgetown road.
tillman, who was sived six years ago while serving in afghanistan. his death was surrounded by controversial after the government first said he was fatally shot by enemy cobble battants. but -- combatants. but it was later determined he died from friendly fire. >>> a new york stay man sued a number of nightclubs because he claimed promotions where they allow women in for free or at a reduced price is unconstitutional. the federal court disappears. >>> we want to check in with sal one more time apparently there is a new crash on 880, sal. that's right. northbound i-80 at high street. you can kind of see it on the camera here. if you get rid of the deco on the top left of the describe. you may be able to see there. there is an accident that has all of the freeway really slow. two lanes are blocked. northbound 880 at high street. now you see the spider who is on the camera there. westbound san mateo bridge. let's go to the toll plaza westbound. that traffic is light. remember, tipsy tow is offering free rides if you have had too much to drink this weekend. >>> the clouds will b
in tillman county where i'm from, they end up in order for these people to help pay for their incarceration, what they do is give them the jobs that would normally go to people who are nonoffenders. so what you end up doing is even though the prisons try and help pay for their own incarceration or the cost of these different places, what ends up happening is they end up taking the jobs away from those who are not incarcerated. host: a look at the u.s. correctional population here. this is on wikipedia this morning. it shows here that the -- the probation and parole in the united states 2006 statistics. and it goes from 0 to 4.5 million from 1981 to 2006. and you can see that the probation population makes up the most and highest number, and then prison and jail and parole. tulsa, oklahoma. valerie, democratic line. caller: yes. i believe that they should know the cost because it's too many prisoners in jail now over petty crimes. and i believe that it's getting to be a conconspiracyy with the drug thing and i believe they should consider studying the drug costs for legalizing it because the
the life and death of san jose native and nfl player pat tillman be egins in the pay area today. it comes off a limited release in new york and los angeles. it follows the family's quest for the truth after his death in afghanistan. initially it was reported that he was killed by enemy fire, but later the pentagon revealed he was killed by friendly fire. more local news in half an hour. this is not a burger. ] it's better. because with 57% less fat than regular ground beef, it's better for you. you see, this is a morningstar farms® meatless griller. that's right, meatless. and it tastes as good as it looks. so you can still enjoy that grilled-burger taste you love... and everything that comes with it. morningstar farms® grillers® original. [ indistinct conversations ] now that's more like it. [ ding! ] ♪ when i'm kissing you it all makes sense ♪ >> miranda crosgrove, quickly becoming a music sensation. she will be taking over our plaza for a concert on labor day morning here on "today." we expect an onslaught. >>> in this half hour, we're talking about not miranda cosgrove but t
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